Working Towards a Brighter Future

YESSERA (Young Ethiopian Self Sufficiency Enhancing Re-education Association) was founded by a group of friends in 2001 with the mission to help provide youth in Ethiopia with the immediate hands-on training to immerse in the workforce in order to improve their economic status. This organization is run by dedicated volunteers that are passionate about working towards a brighter future.


YESSERA at a Glance

After nearly two decades of formal vocational training, YESSERA now is exploring a newer approach with an even greater potential to alleviate poverty and empower youth to achieve self-sufficiency.
As a fast, efficient, outcome focused training, Informal Traditional Apprenticeship Training (ITAT) will enable YESSERA to provide its students immediate, hands on immersion in the work process. Also, its mobilizing of existing know-how to reach a greater number, in numerous sectors, and in as many places means its outreach would link and gainfully engage the unexploited talents of many men and women out there.
In addition, a pilot project is now in place in Addis Ababa. Explorations are underway to expand and refine outreach involving multiple players.


About Us

Mission: YESSERA acts now as a hub that empowers the empowerers by
linking doers with needs, resources, projects and expertise, just as for years it committed itself to empowering youth in Ethiopia to transcend limitations and realize their dreams by acquiring skills which serve the communities they live in

Team member and student working together
Team members and students visiting construction sites
Celebrating Ethiopian Christmas with Kombolcha students

What We Do

The Focus of Our Efforts: 20 Years Youth Training Experience

  • Now a Hub & Umbrella

  • Job Creation, Skills Transmission, Poverty Alleviation

  • Young Women First

  • Experiential Learning

  • Diversified Fields & Sectors: Mobilize & Link Talents with Needs

  • Bridging Small Steps with Big

  • Podium for All

    • Individuals, Institutions, Communities

    • Nations, and the Globe


Carpentry & Construction

Develop a skilled trade in the growing job market


Home Economics

Teaching cooking, housekeeping, personal finance, wellness and consumer skills 


Computer Based Education

Developing basic tech proficiency and creating with technology 


Fashion Design

Expressing yourself through different forms of art 



Teaching the importance of water safety and effective plumbing systems



Building firm foundations in reading, writing, and using numbers


Photography & Videography

Capturing special moments


Team Members


Aklilu Gebrewold

IMG_2602 3.jpg

Kassahun Maru


Negesse Gutema


Fikru Kifle


Charles Sutton


Alem Gebriel


Elias Hassen


Metasebya Solomon


Meskerem Kassahun


Damani Jefferson


Ways to Help

Take Action Now



Help Us Soar

Do you run a successful business in Ethiopia or abroad? Do you hold expertise in a specific trade, such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, masonry, or electrical work? Are you an educator in business or community and economic development? Join our Volunteer Professionals Roster.


Show Your Support

Perhaps you are an expatriate who has found success overseas, who wishes to contribute to the country’s economic development. Perhaps you’ve traveled to Ethiopia or adopted Ethiopian children and want to give back. We’re a small organization, and even the smallest donation makes an impact. Here’s how:

  • Sponsor a student’s education

  • Donate to general fund

  • Share ideas

  • Invite us to events


Be a Part of the Change

If you’re in Addis Ababa, please stop by and learn more about our young leaders and their accomplishments. If you’re halfway around the world, you can keep in touch through our blog, email updates, our Instagram and our Facebook page. We want to hear from you! Stay in touch!