Working Towards a Brighter Future

YESSERA (Young Ethiopian Self Sufficiency Enhancing Re-education Association) acts now as a hub that empowers the empowerers by linking doers  with needs,  resources, projects and expertise, just as for years it committed itself to empowering youth in Ethiopia to transcend limitations and realize their dreams by acquiring skills which serve the communities they live in.


YESSERA at a Glance

After nearly two decades of formal vocational training, YESSERA now is exploring a newer approach with an even greater potential to alleviate poverty and empower youth to achieve self-sufficiency.
As a fast, efficient, outcome focused training, Informal Traditional Apprenticeship Training (ITAT) will enable YESSERA to provide its students immediate, hands on immersion in the work process. Also, its mobilizing of existing know-how to reach a greater number, in numerous sectors, and in as many places means its outreach would link and gainfully engage the unexploited talents of many men and women out there.
A pilot project is now in place in Addis Ababa. Explorations underway to expand, refine and involve multiple players


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther



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