• Elias

Pilot projects, informal training & Yessera-U

Active and always wanting to be viable on the ground Yessera continues improvising forward:

  1. Now finished informal Food Preparation training has been able to empower 3 of its girls to find jobs, with one still looking.

  2. Just started on-the-job Construction training for 2 girls. Based on lesson learned—first ascertain job availability at worker-needing sites and sectors—the 3 months training will be in “finishing’ aspect of building Construction. Successful completion of Pilot Project would mean increases in number of trainees and Construction aspects.

Yessera-U: Working more and more on becoming an Umbrella organization to empower the empowerers. The idea is for Yessera to become a capacious resource base for members and others to pursue Ethiopia empowering work in areas of their interest, expertise, and already ongoing involvement. It will also reach out widely to become a hub of creative collaboration. The target being a four-corner, sector differentiated, Ethiopian wholistic development.

Needs: Webmasters, social media support, on the ground facilitators, and funding sources.

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